A guy got rid of a snake that attacked him in a peculiar way

A dropkick is not the first obvious means to shake off a snake, but, to be honest, it works. A client of an Internet-café in Thailand had an unfortunate encounter with a rat snake that attacked him.

In the video we can see the young man approaching the door when all of a sudden a snake jumps on him and catches hold of his ass.

Caught by surprise, he panicked and started jumping around, and the snake was shaken off him to the corner where there was another person standing.



The majority of clients in this café got scared and tried to get as far as possible from the table where the snake landed. Fortunately, rat snakes are not venomous, and to kill their prey they squeeze it with their body like a boa. But nonetheless it was a terrifying accident for those who are afraid of snakes.

Source: mashable