Thieves returned a puppy that they had taken earlier during a robbery

Sasha is an 8-months-old labrador. His owner, 4-year-old Maya, lives in Melbourne, and not so long ago her house got robbed. The criminals took an iPad, some jewellery and the dog. They broke into the house between 9 and 12 pm: the family wasn't home, only the little pup...


The thieves took all the valuables they could carry, including the 8-months-old puppy.

The whole family was shaken up after what had happened, but most of all they were worried about the labrador.

"We didn't want to lose hope so fast, so we started looking for him!"

The family spread the news about their puppy being stolen and asked everyone they knew for help. The girl was shattered - she missed her puppy so much! Somehow this information reached the thieves.

"So one morning we woke up and heard some noises coming from the porch... There was Sasha!"

The police covered this happy ending on Twitter:

Labrador Sasha is home! What a great start to the day for this family, reuniting with their stolen pup. Read more ➜

— Victoria Police (@VictoriaPolice) November 8, 2017