They called this dog a monster, but everything changed when...

Employees of a dog shelter thought that nobody would ever take home one of the dogs called Maddy because of her weird appearance, but they were wrong.

2-year-old Maddy was born with an injured jaw: its fangs were too far in the front, and it looked terrible. Everybody compared Maddy to the monster from the tale "Gruffalo".


The dog was living in the shelter and nobody wanted to adopt her because of her appalling appearance. It looked like Maddy knew that she would never find her true home, but then a miracle happened.


Don Hughes saw Maddy's photo on the web and fell in love with the dog.


"When I was told that nobody wanted her, I immediately asked to show me the dog. She was just the dog I was looking for! Maddy approached me with those fangs outside her mouth, and I liked her so much that I decided to adopt her right away," said Don Hughes.