A surfer survived a shark attack

In Australia a surfer survived a shark attack defending himself with his bare hands.


Charlie Frye and a shark - consequences of the encounter | Photo: 9news.com.au

According to the victim, he reacted in the way he did thanks to a video of an Australian surfer Mick Fanning.

Fanning also survived a shark attack in 2015, reports 9News.

25-year-old Frye, who came to Australia 2 months prior to work as a doctor, was in the water with a group of friends that day. At some point he felt a strong hit to his side.  

At first he though his friends were pranking him, but then the young man realized that the danger was real. He started hitting the shark with his bare hands. He hit it hard and then tried to climb back to his surf. 

A fortunate wave carried him away from the shark towards the coast. There he discovered that he got bitten to the arm and to the shoulder. His friends took him to a hospital.

After this accident the beach has been closed for 24 hours.

Rescue teams found a 3-meter shark in the water near the coast. They made sure it would swim further from the beach.

"Mick, if you are watching this, I want to say that I owe you a beer," said Frye during a TV interview referring to Fanning.