This bear has been waiting to be saved for 30 years

We are used to believe that bears are fierce and dangerous animals. If you cross paths with a similar predator, it will be a face to face encounter with death.

Fifi is a brown bear. It hasn't got a trace of rage in its eyes. Instead we see pain, fatigue and total confusion on its face. The poor creature doesn't understand why its destiny is so cruel.

Fifi spent its first 10 years of life in a small cage in a roadside zoo in Pensilvania. After the zoo had been closed, the owners had no interest in the destiny of this bear and three other members of its family. They have left these animals to languish in filthy, badly suited cages. Fifi has been living in this prison for 20 years.


Its existence could be barely called life. The animal didn't walk, had almost no food and no source of water. The worst thing is that it was not allowed to be in hibernation state, which means that its body was constantly exhausted. 


Last summer the owner of Fifi decided to get rid of the animals. The PETA employees came to take the bears. They were shocked to see the state of Fifi: it was skinny, locks of hair hanging, desperate look in its eyes... Later it was diagnosed with arthritis of hind feet. Fifi and other bears were sometimes weaving front to back - this movement is a sign of stress of the animals.


The animals have been transported to the wild animal park in Colorado in no time. They were taken care of and fed. For the first time in their lives their paws stepped onto grass. They swam in a pool and ate fruits that have been never offered to them before.


Freedom and medical care drastically changed Fifi. It gained weight and thickened its fur. Thanks to the efforts of PETA it will be all right from now on.