During a job interview he was asked about cats and personal space

A Reddit user chestman_unbound told a story about his recent job interview. He is a doctor, and after he answered all relevant medical questions made by the HR director, he was asked something weird. He was utterly surprised by the two last questions, "Do you like cats?" and "Do you have problems with personal space?"


Nobody explained him the purpose of the questions. The HR manager just warned him that lying would only complicate things. The man honestly answered that yes, he liked cats, and no, he had no problems with personal space. He got the job, and on the first working day he realized that from that moment on a cat would be his boss.


No, of course, the actual director is a human, but he goes on business trips very often. He leaves his cat at the office, and the cat is sure that every other firm employee is his new toy. In order to miss his owner a bit less, he plays with the employees, distract them, demand attention and petting.


So now it's obvious why they were looking for a cat-lover to hire.


Source: www.lovemeow.com