10 staggering hunting trophies that were confiscated from smugglers

A photographer Britta Jaschinski has exposed various crimes against wild nature. Recently she has done a series of photos aimed to draw attention to the problem of wild animal hunting. Britta took pictures of items confiscated at several airports and border crossings. She also visited a storage that holds more than 1,5 million trophies. They were confiscated and put away as a part of smuggling crime investigations.

We present you some photos from the horrifying collection. Why would anybody do something like that to beautiful wild animals and, even worse, why would there be a market for these things?!

1. A zebra's head confiscated from poachers, USA

1 (2)

2. An outfit made of fur of 20 leopards


3. A rhinoceros's leg

3 (2)

4. A new born baby tiger

4 (1)

5. Dried seahorses

5 (1)

6. Rare monkeys' skulls

6 (1)

7. Rhinoceros hornbill's beak

8 (1)

8. Pangolin scales

9 (1)

9. Bear paw

10 (2)

10. Stools made of elephant legs

11 (2)

Source: www.nationalgeographic.com