A dog refused to eat part of it's food, but the rest of the portion still disappeared. One day it's owner tried to find out why...

A Brazilian dog named Lilica was always well-fed and could eat from her plate as much as she wanted. But she did something that even humans sometimes don't have courage to do.

Lilica made friends with the homeless animals of the area - with cats, hens, dogs, etc.


Soon after she became their friend, she started to feel obligated to bring them food. They were almost like a family to her, and she couldn't let them starve!


Every day the dog would go a dumping ground to give her friends a part of her portion of food, because they couldn't find much in the trash.


Lucia Elena, Lilica's owner, noticed that her dog started to disappear from time to time and that she didn't seem to be interested in the food in her plate anymore. .


The owner decided to help the dog. One day she gave Lilica food in a semi-opened plastic bag so that it would be more comfortable to carry it. "It's one of those good things that I am able to do, it is not a huge effort. Therefore I must do it. I help homeless animals to survive via my dog."



We hope you will be a bit more attentive and caring to those who are in need. You never know why they ended up in that situation...