A German shepherd distracted a rattlesnake from a girl and saved her life

House is a young German shepherd. He lives in the house of DeLuca family. Lately he became something more than a member of the family.

The dog protects Joey and Molly, the kids. One time he even saved the life of one of the children!


House was playing with Molly in the backyard. Suddenly he started to jump and bark loudly.

Molly's grandmother went to check on the kids and saw a snake very close to the girl. The dog was protecting the child trying to move it away from the snake.


"The dog could have run, it was scared to death! But he stayed to protect our little girl, to distract the snake so it doesn't bite Molly!" said grandma DeLuca.

The rattlesnake bit House 3 times before crawling away. This kind of  snakes are very poisonous.


The dog was taken to a veterinarian. He was given an antidote and painkillers. Than the doctors started sewing up his paw - it was badly injured by the snake.

The family managed to raise $50,000 for the dog's treatment. The pills and the surgery were very expensive, but more than 1800 people didn't hesitate to help!


The money left after the treatment were donated to animal shelters.

After a while House returned home. Now he feels well and can play and run again.


Source: www.youtube.com