A dog dug up a denture in the backyard. The owner took a picture of it...

Dogs are always playing. If you have a garden, a dog will be running around and digging holes non-stop. This little fellow from Brazil dug up something unusual and funny in the backyard of the house, and made its owners laugh so hard!


Meet Pandora - this dog is cheerful and smart. Pandora likes to spend time in the backyard of the owner's house.


One day Pandora found an old denture, though it was unclear how this denture ended up in the yard in the first place. There are no old people in the house! The dog liked its finding very much and began to play with it.


Lucas Alves Magalhaes went out to the backyard and saw this wonderful scene. His dog with... human teeth?! He immediately took a picture of this funny moment.


"I couldn't understand what was happening... It looked so weird!"


Lucas was thrilled to see his dog playing with its finding - we bet it looked utterly surreal! He decided not to take the new toy away from Pandora, but take more pictures instead!

Source: facebook