A wedding with a twist

Marilia and Mateus wanted their wedding to happen outdoors. They live in San Paolo, Brazil. But on the day of the wedding there was a big storm coming, so they were forced to move the celebration under a tent.


But Marilia, Matheus and their guests were not the only ones that night to be searching for a place that would shelter them during the storm. Soon they noticed an uninvited guest - a stray dog.


People tried to get rid of the dog, and finally managed to kick it out. Marilia and Matheus went back to being the centre of attention. The ceremony kept going. But then everybody saw the dog again - this time it found a place for a nap... on the bride's veil! At that time nobody wanted to kick the poor thing out as it looked very tired ad the storm got worse. The bride decided to let the new fluffy guest stay and shared some food with it.


"I love animals!" says Marilia, "Looks like I've found a new friend."

The couple let the dog stay till the end of the ceremony. When the wedding ended, they tried to find it, but the dog disappeared. They couldn't find it anywhere.

But this is not the end of the story!


The couple kept looking for the dog. Finally they've found it and adopted their new friend! They called it Snoop.


Source: animalchannel.co