She was feeding a group of street cats, but it turned out that one of them wasn't what she thought it was...

This old lady from Kansas, USA, loves animals and helps several cats that come to her house from time to time looking for food and shelter. One day her grandson Eric came to visit her and saw all those cats she takes care of.


The young man pointed out that one of the animals wasn't a cat. The old lady was utterly surprised to hear that one of her beloved cats wasn't a cat! In fact, it turned out to be a wild animal - an opossum!


At first Eric didn't want to scare his grandma, so he asked her mildly, what was the name of the cat in the corner. She said it was a "regular", she even gave the cat a name - Tete.

"I had to explain her it wasn't a cat. She was stunned, but then we laughed for a few minutes," says Eric, "She didn't realize it wasn't a cat at all! I told her, look at its long nose and weird tail!"


"Well, let's say it's not a cat, but it never bothered me and always behaved and was grateful," said the woman.


It's interesting that other cats weren't bothered by the opossum either.