A dog learned how to copy his owner's facial expressions

This guy from Brazil is travelling around South America with his dog. The two have a strong bond.


These are Jesse Koz from Balneario Camboriu (Brazil) and his golden retriever Shuraste. Jesse left his job in spring, put all his belonging in an old beetle and went road tripping together with his dog. There is no due date to come back home, so the happy friends are just travelling and instagramming about it.


These two have already covered 14 000 km. But they became popular for another reason: it turned out, Shuraste is really good at copying his owner's facial expressions. He doesn't even need to look at Jesse or in the mirror!

Reddit users suggest that Jesse tempers with the videos - he imitates his dog's expressions and then just plays it all backwards. But it's not true. In some of the videos there are conversations, and they go in an ordinary manner. 

In fact, there is a good explanation for the dog's behaviour, and it has nothing to do with editing.

It's proved that dogs get a desire to yawn when seeing somebody yawning just like people do. That way Shuraste can imitate any movement.

Source: www.reddit.com