A cat that survived being washed in a washing machine for 40 minutes!

A small black-and-white cat named Zero got into a washing machine and fell asleep there. It took place in Oslo, Norway.

Guess what happened next?


The owner had no idea the cat was inside the washing machine. Well, they turned it on: the cat had been inside it for 40 minute, the water temperature was 30 degrees C. After a while Joakim, the son of the owners, found the cat. He opened the door of the washing machine and was stunned.

The cat wasn't moving, so the kid though it was dead. In several seconds it started to show signs of life.

The boy said he was very scared for the animal: it looked horrible, disoriented and couldn't walk or even stand on its paws. Moreover, it was vomiting non-stop.
The owners took the cat to a veterinarian immediately.

Now Zero is fine, though it took the poor animal a while to go back to normal.

They say, cats have 7 lives.