She screamed that she was not going to tolerate a dog in the water. But then she changed her mind...

This story took place in Italy. It is allowed to bring dogs to the beach there. And it was exactly what Anna Maria did - she took her labrador with her to the beach to swim with him.


Lucky is not just any dog. He took a special course for dogs-rescuers. Labradors are very attentive and nice dogs, they like people and make perfect life-guards.


Anna Maria and her pet were playing in the water. At some point they swam out of the zone where swimming with dogs was allowed, and they did it without knowing. The moment it happened, a woman started screaming that she was not going to swim where dogs swim, and that she and her 7-year-old daughter could catch some disease from the dog.


Anna Maria quickly went out of the water in order to avoid a conflict. At the same time the daughter of the screaming woman went into the water. While her mother was talking with someone, the girl got sucked into a huge wave. Nobody saw it happening... Except for Lucky. The dog reacted immediately and jumped into the water to save the girl.


He dragged her to the shore. She was very frightened - the girl swallowed a lot of water - but it was nothing in comparison with a tragedy that could have happened. The mother of the girl approached Anna Maria and her dog to thank them for saving her child. We hope she changes her mind about swimming with dogs after this accident!