This guy and his tiger eat together, sleep together and in general live together

Abdullah Sholeh from Indonesia spends all his time with a tiger named Mulan. They've been together since she was 3 months old.

Abdullah is not a professional, but he managed to establish an incredible connection with the tiger. The locals called this 25-year-old "tiger's nanny".

7 years have passed, and now Soleh is 33. He keeps being the best friend of a bengal tiger, as if she was an ordinary cat.

Mulan weighs 180 kilos and has huge claws, sharp fangs and is known to be the queen of the jungle.

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"I understand that it's a savage animal that has instincts. But it's also just a cat," says Soleh.


"I want to know more about her character," he comments, "I don't really care about the scratches I get while we play. It is normal."

They have their own daily routine and a common sleeping schedule. Mulan eats 6 kilos of chicken or goat per day.

But she's also ok with noodles.


"She likes to try what I eat. If she likes it, sometimes she eats it all and leaves me without any food."

They are very close. Mulan starts to worry when Soleh is not around.


"If I am not at home, she starts looking for me. That's why I try to play with her all the time. I do it every day, and then sleep with her at night."

Here is a video about their weird friendship:

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