In Russia they've found a dog with a bear head!

Employees of an animal shelter in Chelyabinsk have found a weird creature that looks like a dog but has a bear head. Locals say they've never seen this animal before in the area.

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Veterinarians are sure that the dog is around 4 years old. It may have been cross-bred. The shelter called "Our home" published these photos hoping to find the owner of the animal.


The dog has a blue tongue and looks a bit like chow-chow.



"People often try to sell dogs saying they are of pure breed, but when a pup grows, it becomes evident that it's a cross-breed. The owners get angry and throw the poor animal on the street," said Kefer, one of the volunteers of the shelter, "The dog is very stressed."

The animal doesn't let people get close to it.

What do you think about this weird creature?

Source: dailymail