A 700-kilos giant turtle was found on a beach in Spain

A huge turtle had been washed up on the shore in Calella, Catalonia.

When it was found, the turtle was already dead, but it impressed everybody who saw it anyway.

Biologist claimed it was a leatherback turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) that weighed around 700 kilos!

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It is the second giant reptile that Catalonia remembers: the first one was found in September on Vilanova-i-la-Geltru beach and weighed 300 kilos.

This species is rarely seen in the Mediterranean sea.


In the past hundreds of years not more than a dozen of cases has been registered.


Biologists think that the recent frequency of these turtles' appearance may mean that there is a nest of giant turtles hidden somewhere in the Mediterranean!


Normally leatherback turtles live in tropical waters or off the South American coast.

Some scientists prefer to think these ancient giants are living dinosaurs.


The body of the turtle found in Calella was sent to the University of Barcelona in order to be studied.

Here is a video about it:

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Source: porquenosemeocurrio