A 2-year-old was playing with a doberman. All of a sudden it started to snarl...

Katherine Svilichich from Australia lives with her husband and a 2-year-old daughter, Charlotte, in Cairns. Recently they've got a dog - a doberman named Han.

Han and Charlotte were playing outside the house. It looked like they were getting along pretty well, but all of a sudden the dog started to snarl and showed its teeth... In a second Han took the girl by her dress with its teeth, moved her and put her by its side!

The mother saw it and went crazy: she almost jumped at the dog to defend her child, but it turned out that the danger was not coming from Han! In fact, the dog didn't try to hurt the girl - it tried to save her.

Right when the dog moved Charlotte, a poisonous snake crawled to that spot... The brave doberman managed to save the child, but was bitten by the snake!

Fortunately, it all ended well. The girl was safe, and the dog got an antidote from veterinarians in time.