Customs officers heard strange sounds. Someone was trying to smuggle birds in plastic bottles...

In Indonesia customs officers managed to save the lives of 24 cockatoos. The smugglers put the birds into plastic bottles and tried to transport them through Tanjung Perak port.

Each bird costs 650 pounds. Fortunately, the smugglers were caught and the birds got medical attention.


Export of parrots is prohibited by the laws of international trade. The exception is made for those birds who were born and raised in captivity and have special permissions to travel.

Despite of the prohibition, more than 10 thousand birds per year are caught by poachers and transported across the border.

In 2007 yellow-crested cockatoos were included in the red list. These birds reproduce very slowly, around 1-2 eggs per year.


Moreover, 40% of the birds die while being transported...

Nowadays there are only 7000 yellow-crested cockatoos left in Indonesia.