16 rare photos of Frida Kahlo

On July 6, 1907 an art icon Frida Kahlo was born. In 2017 we celebrate, what would have been, her 110th birthday. Though she died when she was only 47 years old, she left behind a legacy which still inspires millions of admirers from all over the world. These rare photos were taken by the famous French photographer Gisèle Freund during the artist’s early 50s, documenting the last days of this strong woman and cultural icon.

Freund lived with Frida and her husband Diego Rivera in Mexico city after escaping from political tension in Argentina. It was in 1950, when Kahlo’s health was in a decline. She was also in a poor mental and emotional state which made her art dark and bleak. Though it was an exasperating time for Frida, in these photos Gisèle Freund managed to capture her beauty and dedication to work, which stayed with her until her very last breath.

Source: boredpanda.com