7 places where women are not allowed

This may sound unbelievable but that’s true: there are places where women are banned. In the majority of cases this restriction is caused by religious reasons, but some places are opened only for men so that the are not be seduced by women. And some examples are really frustrating - a water park in Germany is among them! And in this article we will explain you why.

#1 The Island Okinoshima, Japan

The Japanese island Okinoshima, which is located in Fukuoka Prefecture, is one of the main religious centers of the whole country. This place is so important due to the Okitsu temple where sacred religious rituals are performed. And according to the Japanese this holy place shouldn’t be desecrated by women’s presence. The consolation here is that only 200 men are allowed to stay on the island at the same time so even the representatives of this sex have their own restrictions.

#2 The Hindu temples, India and Indonesia

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The situation there is similar to the one in Okinoshima. But in fact this prohibition applies only for those women who are considered “impure” from the religious point of view (in modern terms, those women who have had sex). But...how is it possible to check it?

#3 Mount Athos, Greece

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In this case an unfair ban was imposed by a Byzantine emperor in 1046. He decided to prohibit women from coming close to this mounting since they could become a temptation for the monks who lived there. Since then few things have changed. About 3 000 men who live in the mountains never come in contact with women. And women are not allowed to approach Mount Athos closer than 500 meters.

#4 Saudi Arabia

mosque, arabia saudita

Of course, if you are a woman you are not prohibited from coming to this country in general. But you’d better come with a man to accompany you. Remember that even if you drive a car in Saudi Arabia it is considered as a breach of the law.

#5 Haji Ali Dargah, Mumbai, India

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The mosque Haji Ali is one of the centers of spiritual life in Mumbai. About 20 000 people visit this holy place every day and it has become an object of heated debate and even complaints. This mosque is also not allowed for women and moreover, they are prohibited from visiting graves...But this prohibition runs counter to Sharia and Islamic law which allows women to attend sacred places. This contradiction affects 17% of the Muslim population of Mumbai.

#6 Monte Ōmine, Japan

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For walking on top of this mountain you need to go 5 640 meters upstairs. A Buddhist temple is located there. But women are banned from visiting this sacred place not to distract the pilgrims from ascetic life and meditation. Does it sound familiar? Anyway, lots of people disagree with this strict law and that is why sometimes you can see a man climbing this mountain in a dress.

#7 The water park “Galaxy”, Germany

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And we have saved the most interesting for last. One of the biggest water parks in Europe has prohibited women from visiting it despite the fact it is the main tourist attraction in the city of Erding. Riding one of the fastest water slides, X-Treme  FASER, a person can speed up to 100 km/h. And probably this dangerous attraction may injure “intimate” female body parts. But it is hard to believe.

And what do you think: should women be allowed to enter these places or not?

Source: popmech.ru, classtravel.com