When nature itself makes borders. Or maybe helps us to cross them...

Can you imagine the border between two countries? A traffic jam, the customs service is checking your car, tense atmosphere even though you have nothing to worry about. Does it sound familiar? Well, in fact there are countries with the exact opposite - they fill you with positive energy and excitement.

Viral Fox shows you the examples of the wisdom of nature which sometimes knows better on how to divide countries.


Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay

Paraguay is situated upstairs, Brazil is on the right and Argentina is on the left.

Brazil and Uruguay

brasil, uruguay, frontera


The inhabitants of these countries only need to walk down a sidewalk to visit their friends who live abroad.


Austria and Germany


Close to Salzburg there are ancient salt mines which spread across the territory of both countries. If you want to cross the border you can just open the door showing the sign “I’m entering Germany”.

Germany and Czech Republic

alemania, república checa


A water bridge in the mountains. It is the only place in the world where you can cross the border in such an unusual way.

Belgium and the Netherlands

Do you want to book a table in the Netherlands or in Belgium?

Germany and the Netherlands


The Netherlands definitely breaks all record in extraordinary borders. If you need to go to Germany you can do it immediately by working at the Eurode Business Centre.

Andorra and France

andorra, francia


Though Andorra is a very small country, you can easily get lost in its mountains. There are a lot of examples when skiers ended up in Toulouse without meaning to.


Ukraine and Poland


These countries are divided by a huge fish which you can see from a plane.

China and Mongolia

china, mongólia


The two countries whose relations are, in fact, not so perfect suddenly marked the border (which separates the road) with the giant figures of two kissing dinosaurs.

China and Nepal



These countries have something in common which also serves as the border between them - Mount Everest.


Norway and Sweden

suecia, noruega, frontera


The border between them is similar to the one in Andorra: while skiing you can easily travel from one country to another.

Sweden and Finland

suecia, finlandia, frontera


Depending on their strength and skill golf players can hit a ball into the hole in another country.


USA and Russia

rusia, eeuu, chukotka, alaska

@Ira Block

The border between these two countries is on an island between Chukotka and Alaska.

Canada and USA

eeuu, rusia


This is another example of a border coming across a café! And you’d better be careful with the US citizens and Canadian patriots while staying at this place.

And do you have something similar to these extraordinary borders in your country?