Sunbed, acrylic nails, hair extensions: that's how the most pampered girl in the world looks like

They call Isabella Barrett a self-made millionaire. She is a child model from the USA. Many of us won't ever earn a million, but this young talented girl has already done it, and she is not even a teenager yet!

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She won her first beauty pageant when she was 4 years old. her mom claimed numerous times that her child fell in love with all the glamour, glow and pomp of pageants.


Many people think that Isabellas's life is like a fairy tale: private driver, clothes from famous designers, gourmet food for every meal, parties and famous beauty brands.


She has a collection of expensive shoes, toys and accessories. Little Barrett doesn't go out in the same outfit twice.


The glory fell on her head when she was 4, then she participated in a TV show called Children and the crown. In two years she launched her very own line of jewellery for children.


She doesn't feel timid wearing clothes that cost several thousand dollars or eating a "filet mignon". Her mother allows her to spend as much as she wants on sunbeds, acrylic nails and other things.


"I am a super star. I like to be a boss, I have my own jewellery line. And I never lose!" she says in an interview. Her weak spot is shoes: she has over 60 pairs.


The mother of the girl is worried that glory and money will spoil her child. There are many similar examples in the history of show business.


"It's so cool that many people look at me. But it's also a great responsibility," says a 9-year-old millionaire.


Isabella has an older sister. Once she has been beaten by her classmates... They broke her scull, the doctors had to do an emergency surgery. To meet her fears, the older Barrett started to participate in beauty pageants. Little Isabella wanted to be like her sister - a super star, always in the centre of attention...


Her mom doesn't see anything bad or wrong about Isabella's way of living. "People say that cosmetics and high heels are no good for my girls. And I think that they should judge a mother by other criteria: my children are well-educated, polite and they love what they do. Is it so wrong?"




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