Bad choice: 11 worst short dresses of celebrities

Short dresses and skirts are pretty dangerous things. Especially if you are a celebrity: paparazzi make their leaving on awkward movements and spicy poses of celebrities in short dresses.


Though some stars don't even need a sticky paparazzi to arouse a scandal. They just don't know how to choose the right dress. And here is the proof.

Britney Spears


Fotodom / Rex Features

Britney has a passion for figure-skating dresses: very short, shiny and extremely small. In all her dresses she looks like she may change shoes for skates any minute and start performing on ice.

Victoria Bekham


Fotodom / Rex Features

This is the only "retro" photo on our list: an icon of style and a successful designer Victoria Beckham in 1999. At the time she didn't have a reputation of an elegant woman, smiled more and wore explicit clothes. This mini-dress is a good example of her preferences at the age of 16.

Jessie J


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In 2000 a lot of similar dresses were made from the same material, and it provoked a massive removal of photos from cocktail parties. We hope Jessy J threw this dress away (or better burned it).

Jennifer Lopez


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J Lo keeps showing everybody that at the age of 46 she is still hot. But for some reason she decided to do it via vulgar mini-dresses.



Fotodom / Rex Features

Rihanna's recipe to choose a bad dress: if you are suddenly invited to a cocktail party and you are too lazy to change, just go out in your nightgown, and don't forget to put on snickers. And let you make-up reflect all the dignity of the moment.

Miley Cirus


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Miley was so indecisive about her breasts and legs and arms... So she just put on a bathing suite, a net and a furry bolero. Ready to go, Miley!

Paris Hilton


Getty Images

Years and decades pass, but Paris keeps playing a "chocolate blonde", whose taste don't advance.

Anna Dello Russo


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We love eccentric Anna, but unfortunately she should have surrendered mini-dresses a while ago. At least in summertime.



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Looks like somebody lied to Snooki and persuaded her that Halloween was coming again, so the TV star put on a costume of a wild cat. But unfortunately the dress presents her as a wife of a cave man more than as a cat.

Nicki Minaj



Like most of the heroines of on list, Nicki didn't think it through. Sometimes she dresses up so weirdly that she shows a total lack of taste, which, we are sure, she has. But this upholstery dress speaks for itself.

Nicky Hilton


Getty Images

You should be really careful with mini-dresses so that what happened to Nicky doesn't happen to you. Just calculate all the transparent parts properly.