A clever 2-minute test to uncover what your subconscious is hiding

This test is widely used by psychologists to determine what the patient’s subconscious is hiding.

Here is a room where many thing are stored.

What object did you see first? Do you want to get rid of it?



A swing symbolizes your sex life. Perhaps at this moment you lack intimacy. It can also symbolize a sexual obsession that comes from internal problems.


Rectangular containers are a reflection of one’s identity. What do they contain? What do they hide? Do they have transparent walls or you can not see through them? If you’ve chosen this object, you have a lot to think about. It’s possible to make a direct analogy: the characteristics of the boxes equal your state of mind at the moment.

Broken mirror

A mirror symbolizes your self. If you choose this element, you are feeling low-spirited and insecure. Perhaps you are at a crossroads and you don’t know what to do. Moreover, this symbol can mean that you are fighting against several selves and can’t find your true self for now.


A wheel symbolizes relations between you and the external world. If you choose it, it means that you are not moving anywhere. You run in vicious circles and you can’t reach your destiny. Stop. You look like a hamster in it’s wheel.


It is a symbol of you doing everything possible to reach your goal. By whatever means necessary. You may even get violent.


A doll represents a connection to your childhood. You are afraid of maturing and therefor getting older. Every next year terrifies you, and you try to prevent your body from getting older. It may even be noticeably from aside.


Books are a symbol of knowledge and, consequently, life. If they are stored in a room full of broken objects, you have definitely lost a feeling of existence.


This is a clear sign that your life is governed by harmony. You live in balance with yourself and other people. You understand well your family members.


It’s a sign of secret, isolation and separation. Perhaps at the moment you feel depressed and miserable. You are preoccupied and you don’t know how to live your life.

Broken chair

Broken furniture symbolizes a period of stress, uncertainty and a lack of rest.

Basket of apples

It means you are on your way to knowledge, wisdom and personal happiness.


A ladder symbolizes a transition to something new. You will reach your goal very soon. But keep in mind that the ladder is not taking you anywhere. Perhaps there are difficulties awaiting you. Only your actions towards obstacles can determine the result, and you will overcome those difficulties with pride – a favorable result is guaranteed.

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