A 44-year-old woman is too pretty to find a life partner

Dawn Cousins from London is 44 years old, and she is very beautiful. According to her, it causes her a lot of troubles. She gave an interview on the subject on This Morning show.

"I look a lot younger than I am. Everybody wants me because I am hot," says Cousins. The interview was uploaded on YouTube, where it provoked a clash of opinions. There were so many negative comments that the web site had to disable the comments the next morning.


The Sun interviewed Cousins as well. She is a mother of 4, and she claims that people regularly mistake her for a sister of her elder daughter. Men just can't leave her alone, even at work.

"Sometimes I regret that I am that beautiful"


She says that, despite of having so many fans, she can't imagine future with any of that men. Moreover, most men of her age are not suitable for her.

"Almost all the men over 40 have excessive weight, and women - many wrinkles. I have neither. I want to find my prince, or at least somebody of my age in decent shape, and with whom we would click."


Cousins has 4 kids: 17-year-old twins and two older daughters, 20 and 22. She got divorced in 2003.


"When my girls see a young man approaching me, they always start calling me "mom" loudly. That's how we cope with awkward moments."


She admits that sometimes she tells men she is 25 years old, and they believe her. When they learn the truth about her age, they get really surprised and start asking a lot of questions.


Source: youtube