“I still get attention of 20-year-olds”: the most glamorous model of Great Britain is 65 years old

Suzy Monty was born in Cornwall, she is 65 yeas old and she keeps posing in bikinis, having a title of “the most glamorous and old model of Great Britain”. She is frequently mentioned in articles about nudists. Suzy admits that thanks to her marvelous body she keeps drawing attention of men, and even of 20-year-old guys.

“My younger fans are impressed by the fact that a woman of my age can have a body like this”, - said the “senior citizen” who is 1.70 high and uses XS size of clothes.


Suzy has found an unusual professional niche: she takes part in glamorous photo shoots and sets for nudist magazines at the same time. She says that Helen Mirren gives her inspiration.


Suzy has been a model since she was 30, but when she turned 40 she got mononucleosis and was forced to pause her career. She came back 20 years later.


Suzy is convinced that the secret for having a body like this is healthy food and moisturising body lotion.


"Your age is in your beauty. While you feel young enough, you will keep being young. Nobody should think that when you reach a certain age, your dreams can not come true any more", - said Suzy.


Moreover, she avoids sunbathing, takes good care of her face, stays fit and regularly walks with her dog.


But her main trick for not ageing is to smile all the time.


Suzy has more that 1000 looks, including one that is science fiction themed, where she is dressed up like a warrior.


"Modeling is my passion. It seems an easy thing to do, but if you want to be successful, you need to work hard", - comments Suzy.


Suzy also says that now she is more occupied than before she retired, and that she is happy to have this job.


"I think that nowadays people don't smile enough. Smile to everybody and without reason! I even smile to animals".


Source: dailymail