McDonald's invented a great way to deal with phone-addicted customers

McDonald's decided to deal with customers who have lost the value of face-to-face communication. In one of the restaurants in Singapur they decided to force people to have actual conversations over the table.


Nowadays people are very dependant on their gadgets, especially youth. It seems like young people pay more attention to virtual communication. Sometimes it can reach absurd levels.


When people want to eat together, they share a table. Instead of starting a conversation, they turn to their phones and show little attention to actual people that are sitting across the table, though they exchange a couple of words from time to time. It is very hard to call it a real conversation.


In Singapur an investigation on the topic was conducted, and it turned out that 80% of young people use their smartphones during meals.


Older people are not that consumed with their phones, so they can see more clearly what's going on. In Singapur people are concerned about the amount of time that youth spends staring at a screen. McDonald's shares this opinion. They want to bring back communicational values, at leasts during a meal.


In one restaurant in Singapur they've decided to take gadgets away from the tables completely. For this purpose special lockers were constructed. They have the capacity to store 100 phones. There is a note saying  "Switch of the phone - have more fun".


McDonald's chose to decorate the phone lockers like old school key-based lockers to remind everyone how exiting the life had been before smartphones were invented. Staff regularly reminds customers not to forget their phones in the restaurant.


The experiment has just started, so it is still too early to talk about the impact. The representatives of the restaurant say that they will gather and analyse opinions about this new invention and then decide if other restaurants will get their own lockers.