A car came out of nowhere in front of a nanny with a 2-year-old child. The woman understood: “it’s me or the boy”.

Parents often know intuitively when their children are in danger, and they hurry up to help. It is very true for mothers. Fox, a 2-year-old, was about to die and he didn’t have his parents around, who would undoubtedly sacrifice their lives for him. The only person he had at the moment was his nanny Caroline. Now there is a special connection between them.


Fox had known Caroline before he even started to eat solid food. She has been his nanny since he was a baby. Courtney, Fox’s mother, was thrilled to see that her son had a good connection with his babysitter: they liked each other and always found common ground.


On the 28th of March it became even more obvious. Caroline tied the dog to the stroller and went for a walk with Fox. They were about to cross the street when a car came out of nowhere on high speed, ignoring all the warning signs.


Caroline realized that it was impossible for both of them to avoid the accident. The stroller was right on the way of the car, so Caroline took a quick and brave decision. She pushed the stroller away with all her strength so that it kept going down the street, and covered her face with her hands. The car hit the girl… Almost unconscious, she heard the child crying, but she couldn’t do anything else – she fell on the ground.

The girl remembers that the child was crying something like “Nanny Caroline, I love you”. When the parents learned about the accident, they went to check on the nanny as soon as possible. “She is a part of our family, - says Fox’s father, - and it will remain so for the rest of our lives”. Now that Caroline is in rehabilitation, Fox’s parents help her in everything. They say that the girl is recovering without any setbacks.

Source: youtube