This woman purchased an item in a Chinese online shop. What she received left her speechless…

Those girls who like to buy clothes online know that sometimes the size of the item is very different from what they had ordered. Often it is a lot smaller. Christi, a girl from Houston, US, faced the same problem. She ordered a white top for her daughter. She had selected “one size”, but for some reason she received the smallest size possible. Feeling deceived, she decided to share this experience with everybody.

She made a couple of pictures to show the real size of the top.

That's how the top looks like on the web site:

As you can see, this top could fit only a cat!.. Yeah, it was that small.  

Christi left a message to the site owners: “I bought this item for my daughter that is 16 years old. The top is so small that no human can were it. You shouldn’t put pretty pictures of items that are not real, you deceive people. As you can see the top suits only my cat, and she doesn’t like knitted things. I don’t recommend anyone to buy from this site, even if you want to make a present for your cat”.

Despite of all of that, the pictures are still on the website, and the top is for sale. Christi’s initiative inspired another customer, and she posted a photo of the top near a flip-flop, showing the real size of this thing.

I hope after reading this story you will shop online more carefully. If you like the article, share it with your friends!