That’s why you shouldn’t keep photos of dead people

Almost everyone has photos of their relatives or friends that passed away. And in general there is nothing bad about it, but only if you follow certain rules.


What is dangerous about such photos?

The image of a deceased person – it doesn’t matter if you like him/her or not – associates with the world of dead. If a person is dead, but his or her photos still remain in the hands of his or her loved ones, the connection between the two worlds remains.

That’s why it is important to follow this rules:

  1. Family members’ photos shouldn’t be hanging on the wall, be put in a frame or stay in the open. They say that if you don’t follow this rule, the images will keep sucking energy out of those who are still alive.

So if the photos are placed in an album, and once in a while you open it in a moment of nostalgia, there is nothing bad to it. But if you see those photos every day at your house, it is very probable that you will get physical or mental health problems.

  1. Photos of dead people should be kept apart from photos of living ones. If you have common photos, they go to the “dead” album as well. Some say that in that case you should cut the deceased out of the photo to separate the energy of living and dead.

It is considered important to store this kind of pictures in a black album, or a black folder, or at least a black bag. Light should not touch them. And it’s better to open this collection only on special dates, like days of commemoration.

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