Years haven't been kind to these celebrities

Media are always buzzing about celebrities - their surgeries, money, age, fame, scandals etc. Most of them look better every year, but there are those who, on the contrary, became a victim of their popularity and money. And now we can barely recall how they used to look like...

1. Tori Spelling


The actress that starred in the famous Beverly Hills 90210 series wasn't "the beauty" in a conventional sense, but she was a pretty, attractive and shiny girl. Surgeries and changes of weight played a bad joke with her. Too bad...

2. Brendan Fraser


That's what can happen to Tarzan if you place him in North American jungle. This handsome guy with blue eyes, a charming athlete, 20 years later is unrecognisable.

3. Vin Diesel


Perhaps Vin Diesel still looks great, and our fresh memories about his character in the Fast and Furious help to maintain the impression. His face hasn't changed, but his body is obviously different, affected by beer and junk food.

4. Lindsay Lohan


A perfect example of how fame spoils children. Her first important job as an actress happened in 1998, when she was 12. And when she turned 18, the fame have gone into her head after the Mean girls movie. Her life became all party, drugs and scandals. As a result 10 years later she looks twice older than she is.

5. Macaulay Culkin


Thank you, Macauley, for the best Christmas comedy ever. We say it with all the honesty as it is really imposible to imagine winter holidays without the Home alone movie. But after the last part of the movie had been shot, Culkin abruptly disappeared from the screens. The nice guy wasn't as nice any more, directors stopped to offer him parts, and he started to have severe drug problems.

6. Mickey Rourke


In the end of the 80s Mickey Rourke was an idol for many women, every each of them wanted to be the character of Kim Basinger from the 9 and a half weeks movie. What has changed? Many things: boxing, botox injections, unhealthy lifestyle.

Nothing lasts forever... But we will miss them anyway. Though nothing can bring their young years back.