These parents were looking at an old picture when suddenly they got goosebumps. It’s just impossible!..

Some religions have a concept of reincarnation or rebirth. They say that a soul don’t go neither to hell nor to heaven, and stays on Earth and starts a new life, a completely different one. A king can be reborn as a goatherd, and a gardener can be reborn as a king, and it goes on and on until the soul ends it’s reincarnation cycle.


Sure, most of people don’t believe in reincarnation. But the case of Joey Verwey is difficult to explain otherwise!

At the age of 3 she was already entertaining her family with incredible stories. The baby said that she clearly remembered tens of previous lives. The adults would treat those stories like invented tales, if not for the abundance of details!


When the girl was 5, she was constantly interviewed by journalists, scientists and visionaries. She could guide those people through the caves of South Africa. An evidence was found not so long after that: many years ago the ancestors of the modern men used to live there!


Joey recalled being a slave in ancient Egypt, an honorable woman in the 19th century. She lived in Africa in 18th century and in Rome in the times of Nero. At some point she even managed to find her previous versions’ pictures.


The weirdest thing happened when they took the girl to a special place to remember her latest incarnation. After several hours of conversations with an old man, he admitted that this girl he’s never met before knows everything about his mother that had passed away a long time ago.

Some people think that Joey’s case confirms the reincarnation theory. Others suspect that the girl was a big liar or a toy in the hands of con men that used her to earn money. Anyway this story makes you realize how little we know about our own existence.

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