Photos of young Kim Kardashian appeared on the web. It looks like she's been replaced by another person...

Many stars envy the popularity of this scandalous diva. Who can compete with her? Perhaps you've wondered how she got the status of a celebrity known worldwide. It seems that her only talents are an ability to have a big butt and an inability to act.

It's not a secret that she owes her body to plastic surgeries, but Kim doesn't like to talk about it.

1. Face

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Do you recognize her on the first photo? Even if you know nothing about plastic surgery, you can notice the changes that have been made: skin whitening, eyelids lifting, rhinoplasty, special injections, cheek surgery and liposuction of chin and neck.

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The star says that these changes are the result of ageing, but specialists insist that nose can not get thiner in the course of time.

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Now she's calmed down a bit, and her experiments no longer involve surgeries - just make-up and hair color.

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2. Butt

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This part of he body is perhaps more famous than she is.

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The star always fights with journalist over the rumors that she surgically augmented her butt. Experts say that an ass that big is disproportional taking into consideration her slim waist.

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3. Breats

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This is the only part of her body that she managed to defend against rumors. They are real. Here is a photo of 13-year-old Kim, and her breasts are almost the same as now.

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Though many surgeons say that big breasts like hers can't have this perfect shape.

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4. Liposuction 

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Despite of her curvy body, she has no fat depot. Kim said once that her ex-husband insisted on a liposuction. Many people think that liposuction can explain her disproportional butt.

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When Kim is asked about plastic surgeries, she becomes silent or diverts the conversation.

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