7 stages of marriage: from the honeymoon phase to true love


1. Flowers and chocolate

It lasts around 1,5 years. During this stage the bodies of the lovers are filled with happiness hormones. Everything about our chosen ones looks unique and amazing for us. It feels like you are drunk, like you are experiencing a constant euphoria.


2. Oversaturation 

That's when you start to feel sober again, and even a bit hangover. Feelings turn into habit. You feel so natural and relaxed with the other person that sometimes you don't even notice their presence.


3. Being upset

Your imperfections get more obvious. Relations start to shift from complete trust to fights and misunderstandings. It seems like the best way to deal with it is to simply split up. You may even break up, or maybe not, but the next stage will come anyway.


4. Patience

You are fed up with drama. You become wiser, you start to realize that fighting is not the way, and nobody can be alone in this world.


5. Respect

Instead of demanding you begin to make offers. Both start to understand responsibility of love - to give, to care, to cherish. This is the first time you feel something close to true love.


6. Friendship

Trust, trust, trust! Now you are best friends, loyal and understanding. Though you are still sexually attracted to each other, you spend more time just chatting and spending quality time together.


7. True love

True love isn't something that falls on us from the sky. This feeling takes time to grow. And even more time it takes us to feel it and understand it. It's time to leave you selfishness and prejudices aside. Love and be loved.


Fuente: www.readersdigest.ca