20 facts about the US Secret Service that no one knows

1. There are more agents than we think - over 6500 people, and more agents that protect the high-level officials.


2. They protect not only presidents

...but also their families, vice-presidents, president candidates and high-ranking officials of other countries on the US soil.


3. There are 3 levels on the career path of an agent.

First, they work in an office for 3 years, then become a rightful agent and work 4-7 years in the field, and then get a really high rank or go back to the office job.


4. They know how to survive a shooting and other extreme situations.

The agents of the Secret Service are excellently trained. Every 8 weeks they do a special capacitation training.


5. They really know how to provide first aid.

Every agent has basic medical skills. They always keep it calm.


6. They have blood for the president

The agent always has the blood type that matches their client's. In case of an emergency they make a blood transfusion so that the President has more chances of survival.


7. The secret bunker in the mountains is not a myth

There is a secret bunker where some government members hide while others are attending important meetings. This way if terrorists strike, at least some governmental representatives stay alive.

Mount Weather, VA, November 07, 2007-- Aerial of Mount Weather, Virginia.  (OFFICIAL FEMA PHOTO/Karen Nutini)

8.  All US presidents are given code names.

It's not a Hollywood fantasy. Every president of the US and his or her family members have code names. The names of the members of one family must start with the same letter.

Here are some of them: George Bush (father) – Grey Wolf, Barack Obama – Renegade, George Bush (son) – Acrobat, Bill Clinton – Eagle and Jimmy Carter – Deacon.


9.  There are movement sensors installed in Oval Office.

It's impossible to make a step in the White House's Oval Office without being noticed. The censors are on even when the president is inside alone.


10. Agents share presidents' hobbies.

The president should never be alone. So the agents of the Secret Service take part in all the activities in his life. Even if he just whats to jog in the morning.


11. At the doctor's office

An agent must be present during president's doctor appointment, and it doesn't matter what happens to be the problem.


12. The correspondence

The agents have to investigate any threatening e-mails a president gets, even if it's obvious that it's a joke.


13. They control and film everything

The great amount of cameras enables the agents to detect a criminal in time and stop the attack from happening. The new system was designed after J. F. Kennedy's death.


14. They don't swear to die for the president

It is a Hollywood invention.


15. Only one secret agent has ever died on duty (saving the president)

On the 1st of November 1950 Leslie Coffelt was murdered while trying to save Harry Truman's life.


16. Secret headquarters

The headquarters of the organisation is situated in Washington, in a building that has no signs on it. There are even no trash bins around so that terrorists couldn't put a bomb there.


17. The Secret Service was created the day Lincoln was murdered.

The Treasury Secretary Hugh McCulloch came up with the idea to establish this special force the day of Abraham Lincoln's assassination, 14th of April 1865, hours BEFORE the president was murdered.


18. The Service wasn't originally created to protect the presidents

It is highly improbable that the agents of the Secret Service would have saved Lincoln if the organisation had been created earlier because in those times it was responsible for solving money fraud crimes.


19. The agents never wear sun glasses outside.


20. Their hands are always ready for a battle


Source: brightside.me