A father tried to liberate the head of his son that got stuck, but forgot the easiest way to do it

In general, the best way to liberate a part of a body that is stuck is using lubrication. At least that is what cartoons show us.


Unfortunately, Rodrigo Gardina from Brazil didn't have a lubricant lying around, when the head of his son Arthur got stuck between two metal bars. Rodrigo and his family spent two hours trying to liberate the boy's head. But nothing worked.


They tried to push the bars away from each other and even lifted little Arthur, but it was all in vain.


Finally Rodrigo realized what was the solution to the problem: his son simply had to turn sideways and pass between the bars. Evidently, it is how the boy got in the trap in the first place.


The video was filmed in April, but only now it became popular, and it makes Rodrigo blush every day.

Source: indy100