A man was dreaming of becoming a father. So he adopted 4 children with disabilities...

Ben wasn't a typical 21-year-old. He always knew what he wanted, and it had nothing to do with his profession. He wanted to be a dad: Ben started adopting children when he turned 20.

At first they didn't let him adopt, because he wasn't married. But he didn't lose hope.


Finally he managed to adopt a boy! Now he has 4 kids with disabilities, and he does everything in his power to help them. In one of TV programs he was called "the most inspiring single man in Great Britain".


One of his kids is autistic, another has Down's syndrome, one of the girls is completely blind, and the forth kid has so many problems with health that it's hard to explain them all... Though Ben is a single father, he has an interesting social life.


"Well, my life is not a fairy tale," he says, "I have to take difficult decisions. I am responsible for 4 lives. All children are beautiful and precious, and mine are as well!"
Source: liftable