12 stars who treat their employees like trash

1. Courtney Love's ex-assistant sued the celebrity for not paying the salary and inappropriate behaviour


2. Sharon Stone's ex-housekeeper also sued her 


In 2012 Erlinda Elemen accused Stone of being a racist and making people work overtime. The housekeeper is from Philippines.

3. Naomi Campbell threw a phone at her housekeeper and attacked her assistant 


The British supermodel got angry with her housekeeper because she couldn't find her jeans, so she threw a phone at her and hit her in the forehead. Doctors had to stitch the woman up. Campbell was sentenced to some social work and a $363 fine. In 2000 Naomi attacked her assistant Georgina Galanis - she grabbed her by the neck, hit her head against the wall and so on.

4. Madonna makes her assistants clean her toilet bowl 


5. Lindsay Lohan tried to blame her assistant for an accident


Lindsay was driving her Porsche and crashed into a truck. Then she blamed her assistant Gavin Doyle for that, saying he had been driving.

6. Jennifer Lopez underpays her staff


7. Taylor Swift mistreats flight-assistants of her two private planes 


8. Angelina Jolie is a "true narcissist and a control freak", according to her ex-bodyguard. 


9. Gwen Stefani hires only men to babysit her children and makes them wear superhero costumes all the time


10. The nanny of Charlize Theron's children is prohibited to talk to her employer 


11. Jim Carrey often goes mental on his assistants 


12. Tyra Banks kicked up a row when a waiter didn't recognise her 


Source: stars.topix.com