5 thousand bees attacked a motorcycle

A swarm of 5000 bees attacked a red, shiny motorcycle parked in the center of Sydney, Australia.

On a busy working day a bee swarm attacked one of the commercial streets of Sydney. At first the bees were flying in circles between the buildings, but then they clang on to a parked motorcycle.

People ran away from the swarm, trying to hide on the other side of the street.


Vicky Brown can't say what had attracted the bees to her motorcycle till this very day. But it was a fascinating show. Obviously, the girl called for qualified help before touching her bike.


The specialists found the queen bee and moved her carefully to a special box. Other bees followed it.


"It is pretty easy: you find the queen bee, put her in a box and other bees just follow her into the trap."


Source: www.youtube.com