Britney Spears has sold her first painting for $10,000

More and more often celebrities disclose their hidden talents, and now it's Britney's turn. Who doesn't know who she is? Her early career was made out of scandals. And, as we know, people love scandals. That's how she became famous.

Now Britney Spears is done with this destructive phase of her life. She is searching for herself in painting.

Not so long ago she shared a video of her drawing something. It went viral and surprised many fans of hers.

Perhaps the secret of the popularity of that video was that she was dressed a bit weirdly, and Britney's fans couldn't let it slide.

Many people wrote bad things about the singer's painting. Somebody said that even with his eyes closed he would do a better job. Another person accused her of misrepresenting her childish work as art. So nobody could have imagined that someone would be eager to buy Britney's painting.

Her art work was sold on Vegas Cares auction for $10,000. The auction was organized for charitable purposes. All the money went to those who suffered from the recent Las Vegas attack.


Here is the happy owner of the painting - journalist Robin Leach.


Nobody can tell why the journalist decided to buy it. Perhaps he just wanted to help people out. Or he wanted to have something made by the singer. It's very unlikely that he just simply liked her painting.