Have you ever wondered why doors in public bathrooms don't reach the floor? Here is the answer!

We see this kind of doors in shopping malls, offices and other public places. They never reach the floor! It looks weird and surprising from the first sight. But there is a good explanation.


There are several reasons for these doors to exist.

Think about it


Well, first, it reduces the number of indecent acts in the bathroom.



Perhaps they did it to cut costs. After all, it's more practical to buy and clean these doors that the big ones.

Oh, yes!


The most important reason in security. During an emergency a person can get out of the cabin even if the door is stuck. It is very important, especially for kids.

It's convenient!


Moreover, it redices the time you need to wait in line. Because this way you know if the cabin is occupied or not.

Source: www.indiatimes.com