He has 39 wives and 94 children. Seems like the biggest family in the world!

The problem of overpopulation of the planet bothers many scientists. But not the main character of this article.

A hindu Ziona Chan is not worried about neither global challenges that humanity faces, nor the ethical side of the situation that he is in.

He has 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grandchildren. And this is definitely the biggest family in the world.

The father of Ziona was the founder of the Christian sect "Chana Pawl" (1942) - a religious group that nowadays has around 2000 members. This sect encourages polygamy and doesn't set limits for the number of wives.

The family lives in a lilac 4-storeyed house with 100 rooms.


They all live in an Indian village Baktawng Tlangnuam, where they practice their rituals. It's pretty clear that it's hard to accommodate all this people in 100 rooms, so every room has several beds - sometimes 9-10.

For the women and the babies there is even less space. But Ziona has his own private room.

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That's how a normal day looks like in this family.

Early in the morning the wives start to cook, while the daughters clean the house and the sons feed the livestock.

Perhaps you are wondering, how do they organize meals?

Just imagine: for a family dinner they use 30 chickens and 60 kilos of potatoes, and if they want to eat rice for supper, they have to cook 50 kilos. And have in mind that they almost never accept donations. They provide for themselves.

This is a photo of a typical dinner.

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At night Ziona is always with his wives. The visits are organized in a way that none of them lacks husband's attention.

Ziona is considered a lucky man, because he has somebody to take care of. Here is a photo of Ziona with his 39 wives.


The women live in peace and harmony, never fight and act like one organism.

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