23 masterpieces that you will have to look at twice

The golden rule of Internet - look closely at the photo you are about to post online, look at every each person on it and at the background. Then look again. And again. Unfortunately, the owners of these photos didn't follow the rule, and now we all get the pleasure to laugh at them and to praise the photographers.

Does this child need help?

Oops, I thought it was a... Hmm. 

A human chameleon.

Is he dancing alone?

Oh mirrors in unexpected places...

A glorious moment, but not for everybody. 

Best selfie ever. 

A horror movie.

No, this is not a hand!

Your older brother is following you?

An eye?

And the Oscar for a secondary role goes to...

Nothing happened.

No, it's not what you thought!

Children in a cage won't mees with your party. 


Centaur, is it you?!


Who is the center of attention in this photo?


I have some bad news for you...

Oh, I didn't even see the girl.

A dreamer.

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