This girl bought a new Zara dress. Look at what she has found inside it...

Cailey Fiesel is a young girl that lives in New York. She had a horrible experience with an item from one of Zara stores.


One day she went to a Zara store to buy a little black dress.


She brought the dress home and put it in the wardrobe. A month later she decided to put it on and wore it the whole day. She felt a weird smell that day, but she didn't assume it was coming from her. Then the same night she realized where the smell was coming from...

"I felt something touching my leg," recalls the girl, "At first I thought that it was part of the dress sewing, that they forgot to take off a magnetic tag or something."


When she got home, she figured out what caused the smell. There was a dead mouse inside the joint!

Let's look closer.

We can't even imagine how many deseases could this discovery have caused. The girl immediately went to see a doctor - she had a skin rash on the spot where her leg was in contact with the mouse. She was diagnosed with a "rodent-borne desease". So she decided to file a complaint against the store. She also posted on Twitter on the topic. She hopes Zara pays her a compensation.


As for us, we don't really believe this story. It often happens that people try to defame a popular brand and earn some cash.

Moreover, if we look at the photo more closely, we won't see a dead mouse. Yes, there is something that looks like a mouse paw, but it may be a number of other things.


And what do you think about it? Do you believe her? Share your opinion in comments!