She got a Christmas present from the USA... and 14 years later she married the prince of her dreams

Do you believe in fate?


The USA is 13,232 km away from the Philippines, but thanks to a fortunate coincidence Tyrel Wolfe and Joan Marchan managed to meet and even fell in love.

When Tyrell was 7, he mailed a box full of small and useful items to the Samaritan humanitarian organisation, so that they send those as Christmas presents to kids from different countries.


The box ended up in the hands of little Joan Marchan. There was also a photo of Tyrell in that box.

Joan sent him a card to thank for the present, but the boy never received it.


14 years after, in 2011, Joan found Tyrell on Facebook.

They started to chat. It turned out they had a lot in common - some interests, Christmas music, their beliefs.


They talked on Facebook for a year or so. Then Tyrell dared to go to Philippines for 10 days. He visited Caisson, Manila, to meet Joan in person.

And it was worth the trouble.


The moment they saw each other, they knew - it was destiny. They fell in love.

"I was crying from happiness," - says Joan.


"She is my first and only love," - says Tyrell.

Soon Tyrell went back to Philippines to ask her to marry him. They got married in 2014.