This guy does free haircuts for homeless people

One day Brennon Jones saw a homeless person on the streets of Philadelphia. He gave the man a dollar and a banana - all that he had in his pockets - but he felt it wasn't enough.


So he came up with an idea: giving homeless people a free haircut on the street. He did this charity work for the next several months. William, one of the homeless whom Brennon helped, said, "I feel like a different person with this haircut. I think it could change the lives of many people..."


Brennon was on the street the whole summer, but he had no idea what he would do in winter. Then he met Sean Johnson, a fellow hairdresser, who had his own salon. Sean was impressed and inspired by Brannon's idea. He offered the keys to his salon: whenever Brannon wanted to help a homeless, he could do it inside, and again for free.


Source: facebook