A flesh-and-blood Ken is outraged! He's spent $450,000 on surgeries and what he got in return...

Do you know what dysmorphophobia is? It can be defined as a profound dissatisfaction with your own appearance, but not in a I-am-fat way, more like "I want to change the way I look completely and I don't care if it's painful or weird or expensive" kind of thing.


We see many Barbie-like girls on the web. Then there should be a Ken somewhere out there, right? Meet Rodrigo Alves, a 34-year-old Brazilian from the city of Marbella.


He has spent all the inheritance his grandma had left him on his appearance. He went through over 60 surgeries during the past 15 years and paid almost half a million euros for his transformation.


But even for that kind of money he didn't get the quality... His porcelain teeth started to break, and artificial hair began to fall out. His natural hair stopped to grow long time ago... Because of constant liposuctions he now has fibrosis. Rodrigo lives in constant pain.


During one of the plastic surgeries he almost died. A gel that was injected in order to make his muscles more elastic caused paralysis of his upper limbs. He was facing an amputation. The bacteria that infected his body through the gel reached his heart and almost killed him. But he survived.


On other occasion he almost suffocated, because his body rejected a nose implant. The doctors had to remove a part of his own nose.


Western plastic surgeons are pretty tired of this patient and often refuse to operate on him. But Rodrigo doesn't want to stop - he still has all the surgeons of Asia at his service...

That is what happens when people worry only about their external beauty.

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk