For 32 years he had been digging a tunnel that didn't lead anywhere...

Somewhere in the Mojave desert, near El Paso, Mexico, there is a 2087-meter tunnel worming through rocks. And if you walk down this tunnel, it won't take you anywhere. An eccentric man called William Henry "Burro" Schmidt wanted it to exist, and he dug it.


He has spend 32 years digging and never told a soul what for. He always said only one thing - "It's a shortcut".


Most of people who live in this area think that he's insane. He always lived alone and had a reputation of a greedy man: he patched his clothes, never bought new shoes etc. He got severely injured on several occasions because of the explosions he made. He was saving on fuses to his home-made explosives.



The tunnel is a mystery till this very day. But all the people who went to visit the man and talked to him are convinced that he knows what he is doing.


There were rumours that the land is rich with minerals or gold, but all of them were disproved. We still don't know why this strange man keeps digging his mysterious tunnel.